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With recent emphasis on fire integrity, there have been some calls for a cavity fire barrier to be put in around steel balcony arms. This is an awkward detail, and fire engineers find it difficult to work up a detail that is adequate to meet the intent of the Building Regulations Part B. The intent was to find a generic solution that could be applied to all steel arm penetrations and be certified to withstand up to 120 mins of fire under standard test conditions.

StubGuard has been launched as a standard methodology that can interface with fire stopping details at the slab edge in a consistent way, which is certified to EWCL5. It is a mineral fibre-based wrap-around shield that can be applied to all arms and is compatible with facade details in current use as well as being water-resistant.

Counter Balance Lifter

This product was created as a response to issues experienced with direct line lifting of balconies, in particular achieving fine adjustments using this method.

The CBL is a mechanical product which is used to lift balconies and assist in weight levelling during installation. Counter weights can be added or removed in order to ensure smooth operation of the installation process and assist the installer in using Sapphire’s Glide-On method.

This counter balanced lifter (CBL) and spreader beam set is intended for the sole purpose of lifting balconies to be installed onto buildings and to be removed from buildings.